Data Recovery

Data Recovery Services

We are famous for our best data recovery services across the world. We are equipped with class 100 clean room technology labs and state-of-the-art machinery because we know level of sensitivity of digital data.

Our recovery process is very efficient and reliable which can retrieve every single bit of lost data in to existence. It is a two step process

Free Diagnosis of the damaged media- report generation includes time and cost constraints

Data Recovery activity after the approval of the client.

Hard Disk Data Recovery

Every Kind of damage, either Physical or Logical can be recovered here. We have relieved many customers from panic and misery caused by data loss and also from spending money on buying new hard disks.

RAID Data Recovery

A big storage device stores bulk of data. RAID is used by many including small companies to big organizations. If there is any threat to RAID array data then the results can be disastrous and nerve wrecking. We know how to put them back in working position. We can recover data from RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, SCSI RAID or any other type of RAID.

Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop data recovery services are increasing in parallel with the increase of number of laptop users. Laptop’s portability and its fragile nature drags it to the edge of disaster. Our recovery team will not let it fall from edge.

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